The Flower Girl
@ aganetah45

It has been a while since the flower girl stepped inside her own church for a visit. She had been kept away and busy with worldly matters within the Lifestream that time had slipped from her hands effortlessly.

Her gaze turned towards the yellow and white lilies still blooming beautifully towards the sunlight and a relieved smile lit up on her rosy lips. They are as resilient as ever…though maybe someone had taken care of them in her absence as well? Aerith wasn’t sure but she is thankful. “I’m back~” She whispered to the flowers.

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    He smiled but declined, “I don’t want to shoot in here, ma’am, but here,” Yazoo handed the Cetra one of his Velvet...
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    "A sharp shooter hm?" She smiled playfully, going along with him. "Show me~!" Even if Aerith already knew, it’s nice to...